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Items Not Listed by Maker Individual photos of items made using our products.
Anders Hogstrom  Visit Anders Website HERE
Bill Akers  You can find Bill HERE
Billy Helton Knives Billy not only makes great knives, he also creates his own damascus.

Visit his website:
Helton Knives
Clarence Smitherman "Skullworks"  You can find Skully HERE
Cory Speh  Speh Custom Knives
Dennis Friedly  Friedly Knives
Guillaume Cote  Cote Knives
Joel Bolden  You can contact Joel HERE
Larry Pridgen  Pridgen Custom Knives
Mike Popov
Pat Ankrom  Made by our very own Mr. Ankrom here at Ankrom Exotics!

When he's not too busy making product, that is.
Paul Lusk  Paul Lusk Knives
Robert Quinn  Robert Quinn makes amazing Razors, Shave Brushes & Pens.

His site is called Elite Razor
S.R. Johnson Knife "Wilderness" by S.R. Johnson.

The handle material is stabilized Spalted Hackberry.
TK Steingass  Steingass Knives
W.E. Ankrom Knife

Drop Point Hunter by W.E. Ankrom

'Original Cactus Knife Scales' by Curtis Seebeck
Available from Ankrom Exotics

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Items Not Listed by Maker
Anders Hogstrom
Bill Akers
Billy Helton Knives
Clarence Smitherman "Skullworks"
Cory Speh
Dennis Friedly
Guillaume Cote
Joel Bolden
Larry Pridgen
Mike Popov
Pat Ankrom
Paul Lusk
Robert Quinn
S.R. Johnson Knife
TK Steingass
W.E. Ankrom Knife

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